Our honesty and straight forwardness regarding the ins and outs of pricing has been our approach to gaining trust and loyalty from our customers. We enjoy educating our customers so you as a homeowner can make an educated decision on what can be a large investment.  By following ICPI & SRW standards in our installation, and offering our warranty, we have kept that trust and loyalty. A common point that arises when discussing pricing, is SQ/FT pricing. We do not bid patios per SQ/FT because the factors determining the cost are job specific. In our patio bids, it is important to keep in mind that 80% of the cost is the labor and products associated with excavation, compaction, and installation of base materials. This is the most important phase of any paver patio and should never be overlooked. (This is the aspect most likely to fail due to settling and/or heaving during our freeze thaw cycles). Approximately 15% is in the paver itself, labor for paver installation, cutting, and finish work. The remaining 5% is the grass application, dirt installation and labor to fix damaged areas. Our free estimates encompass the complete project: from ordering materials, to logistically having them delivered on site, to installation and grass application. We eliminate the everyday headaches for you as the property owner.

If you are interested in Glacial Lakes Landscape design services, we offer an overview design and/or 3D renditions of the proposed landscape. It helps us create a blueprint for your dream or vision and turn it in to a professionally installed backyard or lake property oasis.  A 2D overview of the landscape including dimensions starts at $200 and the 3D renditions can range from $300-$500 (variable due to elevations). If the 3D rendition is chosen, the $200 overview fee is waived. This pricing includes 1 change to the design, any additional changes will be $65-$95 per design change. If the bid is accepted, the design fee will be incorporated into the deposit, rendering it free.